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South Laurel Farms Wedding for Elegance and Nature in Baker, FL

There’s something just so magical about rustic weddings. You get a bit of elegance, a pinch of tradition, and a lot of nature. South Laurel Farms is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a wedding venue to give them all the rustic touches they want! One of the most significant charms is how much you can incorporate items that already mean so much to you. From family rocking chairs to the jars your grandma once used to make her famous jam, everything has the chance to have its special place for your big day.  They receive high-quality service to make the day go without a hitch (or with a hitch, if we’re being technical). South Laurel Farms is a generational-owned family farm, adding to the unique sentimentality of these weddings. With a well-maintained barn, substantial green spaces, and lush scenery, it’s the perfect spot for your day. 

About South Laurel Farms

South Laurel Farms is a quiet haven. As Chuck and Carolyn Clary grew older, they began looking for a place to settle down. Chuck wanted to reconnect with his family roots in Laurel Hill and create a weekend retreat to get some quiet in the middle of Florida’s tourist season. The couple purchased nearly 37 acres of peaceful farmland alongside the Blackwater State Forest. They set to work creating the property they wanted. When the original barn was found to be structurally unsound, they built a new one. They continued to clear land and eventually purchased an additional 82 acres, making the ground feel like an absolute escape. It grew to include a serene creek, a fully stocked pond, and a stoic oak tree with a deck built around its base. The family decided to name it Laurel Hill (a nod to the land’s home and the Dallas television show).

The land served the family until the couple passed, but their legacy carried on when their son, Charlie, and his wife, Beth, bought the property. The locals adored the estate so much that they began to ask if the two would ever consider hosting events. And so, South Laurel Weddings and Events was born. Guests today get to experience the same peace Chuck and Carolyn strove to create while having the estate’s views and the barn’s rustic feel. It’s the perfect venue for any wedding! 

Ceremony and Reception Spaces

Most couples who marry at South Laurel Farms use the vast space in front of the barn for their outdoor wedding. This space is grassy and gives you a gorgeous view of the pond. You can decorate it any way you choose and create an arbor that best accents your wedding. On the opposite end of the barn, there’s a paved space with a short deck beneath the estate’s beloved oak tree. The deck has ample room for you, your significant other, your officiant, and even your wedding party to stand on during the ceremony. Many couples drape the oak’s gigantic branch with linen and flowers to create a natural arbor. You’ll love the barn if you’re looking for an indoor space for the ceremony. The paved floors and the crisp-white walls give it a modern feel that you can dress up how you’d like. 

The venue has room for indoor and outdoor receptions. They recommend using a tent for outdoor parties. You’ll still get all of the allure of the farm while having a convenient lighting source and coverage in case of rain. The inside of the barn will give you plenty of space to celebrate. This space is beautiful and allows you to decorate it to match the theme of your wedding. It looks just as good with linens and lilies as it does with mason jars and wildflowers. The space provides both round and rectangular tables with clothes and chairs. 

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Details of the Grounds

The property has plenty of areas where you can set up a cocktail hour. If you choose to have your wedding on the lawn, the oak tree deck is the perfect spot for guests to mingle between the ceremony and the reception. South Laurel Farms has a smaller existing barn that you can use for additional dining. It is also a great spot to set up a bartender and serve themed drinks. 

When you purchase the wedding package, you’ll have access to both a bridal suite and a groom’s room. Not only can you wait here before the ceremony begins, but you can also put on any additional touches. 

Each space will hold up to 200 guests, making it a fantastic spot for larger wedding parties. 

Created to be a haven, the land is peaceful and secluded. Trees tower over the property, and water flows nearby, giving you a magnificent escape from Florida’s busy season. The barn is rustic yet modern, while the land is beautifully maintained. There are covered porches and pergolas throughout, adding a bit of beauty. 

Photography Opportunities

Everything about this venue is perfect for pictures. The outdoor ceremony spaces are scenic and sunny, while the inside barn lets in tons of natural light. Both the pond and the oak tree are beautiful backdrops. The through-area of the existing barn and the property’s pergolas are prime locations for wedding portraits, leaving you with breathtaking photos full of natural touches. 

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Wedding Details

South Laurel Farms allows you to choose your bartender and catering company. You must bring your sound system for the ceremony and the reception. Another feature of the property is plenty of parking for your guests. When you choose the wedding package, you will be the only event of the day, so you don’t have to worry about being rushed around.  

South Laurel Farms

It’s no wonder why South Laurel Farms became such a hit amongst the locals. With gorgeous views and beautiful ceremony spaces, South Laurel Farms has everything you need for the wedding of your dreams!

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